— International Exchange

International Exchange

Overseas career experience

In addition to academic focus, middle school and high school also guide students to discover their passion and to learn the prospect of various majors and careers. Kang Chiao International School Linkou Campus, in this case, wants our students to have a better understanding of careers and industries from an international perspective. In fact, since 2019 we have been providing Overseas Career Experiencing programs during winter and summer breaks.

The teachers and students will travel abroad to the capitals of each industry to observe and take internships at the local enterprises or organizations. For instance, we have professional managers leading the students in internships in famous financial companies in Hong Kong, the financial center of Asia, and we bring students to the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Tianjin to conduct research about the development of the AI industry.

Hong Kong Financial Workshp 20190702-0708
Tianjin AI industry Workshop 20190708-0714

International Volunteer Service

Every year during summer and winter breaks, our students travel abroad and dedicate themselves to community service. In 2019, they participated in the beach cleanup event with the local residents in the Republic of Maldives and held teaching sessions for the Maldivian children. Through interacting with local residents, our students explored Maldivian traditions and also learned about the local social conditions. Moreover, in 2020, students went to Malaysia to assist in coral propagation. While taking part in beach cleanup events, students learned about the significant role coral reefs play in the marine ecosystem. With the urgency of coral reef restoration in mind, students assisted in making coral incubators and actually contributed to the coral propagation work under the sea.

International Volunteer Service

International Educational Travel Program

"Cultivating internationally competitive social elites" has always been the goal of Kang Chiao. Through International Educational Travel Program, students have the opportunity to travel to different countries, participate in local life, learn and exchange with the local students, and finally interact with local people. It also allow students to understand the different cultures, to expand students’ worldview, in the hope that children can perceive their future with a more diversified perspe

Educational Trip to Malaysia and Singapore 20190617-0628
Educational Trip to Japan 20200116-0120
Educational visit to Shanghai and Hangzhou 2019/12/15-20

Before the six-day international education exchange in Shanghai and Hangzhou, we held a number of training workshops to let the students get to know each other, practice self-introduction, find teammates by themselves, and let the students plan and present the visiting locations in groups. The kids began their journey from Taoyuan Airport with excitement. After arriving in Shanghai safely, they visited Shanghai’s Oriental Pearl Tower, the Bund, and the Huangpu River cruise, and other Shanghai city visitations. Then, on the second day, appreciate the Chinese gardening art and construction methods, and experience the artistic conception of “Hanshan Temple outside Gusu City,” which is from Tang Dynasty poet Zhang Ji's “Night Mooring by Maple Bridge”, allowing students to learn not only from textbooks. On the third and fourth days, we were entertained by the Kang Chiao International School East China Campus' hospitality reception. After visiting the campus, the students from both schools met and accompanied each other for learning experiences, and followed their companion to participate in class, which not only stimulated the children to observe multiculturalism, but also demonstrated fruitful learning Achievements, more international friendships. After two days of getting along, the kids and their companions shared and exchanged learning experiences, and agreed to keep in touch in the future to encourage each other in their learning careers.

Model United Nations

Model United Nations(MUN) is an academic activity in which students model the formation of UN conferences while following specific rules of procedure to discuss significant international issues. Linkou Kang Chiao trains students’ familiarity in MUN, nourishes students’ international perspective and leadership, and increases the opportunity to interact with international elite students through participating in after-school courses.

(STMUN X) 2018/12/08-09

In Model United Nations, students represent delegates from various countries to discuss and exchange topics including politics, culture, environment, etc. Under three months of after-school courses training, teachers led students to participate in Southern Taiwan Model United Nations(STMUN) held by I-shou international school with “Sustainable Economic & Technological Development ”. Attending this grand conference with no prior experience, students widen their international perspective through debate and discussion with delegates from thirteen different international schools. In addition, through interaction with other international students, Linkou Kang Chiao hopes to encourage students to be more open-minded and actively participate in more relevant international activities.

(LINMUN) 2021/3/26-3/28

Linkou Kang Chiao hosted the first Linkou Model United Nations (LINMUN). MUN teachers actively invited students from various international schools with high English proficiency and interest in MUN to participate in the discussion of international affairs, support a stage of inter-school cultural exchanges for future generations, and encourage them to become competitive global citizens.


The theme was highly related to environmental protection, and Mr. Lubin, who has contributed to Taiwans’ eco-environmental issue for many years, was invited to be the opening speaker. The conference began officially after the chairman Mr. Zhang struck his gavel. Whether the participants or the core member of the organization, everyone has demonstrated a great attitude and training results from the after-school course in every student-led conference. It is an exceptional and valuable experience, and Linkou Kang Chiao has high expectations in 2nd LINMUN next year!

International Exchange

Singapore- Pen Pal Event 2019/11-2020/2

 Starting the second year (2019) of the school establishment, we began to bring our fifth-grade students to exchange our cultures between Singapore and Shanghai. Especially with Singapore, we had contact with two local primary schools in Singapore, Peijing and Guanghua. In the first six months, we went all the way from selecting students, a series of training courses on international etiquette, pen pal letter exchanges, to a concrete plan of a physical school visit in Singapore. However, due to the outbreak of the pandemic, we had to temporarily stop the event. In the process of training and letter exchange, we were still able to see students learn how to understand and accept the culture differences, and this is a quality that a good citizen should possess.

2021 Online Cultural Exchange with Singapore Chinese Girls' School

KCIS students have formed deep friendships with students at Singapore Chinese Girls’ School through online cultural exchange activities, which help learners not only develop critical thinking ability but also gain an appreciation of diverse cultures.

(YMUNA) 2021/3/26-3/28

The Yale Model United Nations Asia is a simulated United Nations conference held by the Yale University Model United Nations team in several Asian cities annually. Due to the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the host has combined Taiwan and Korea into an online conference to attract students from numerous countries to attend. This is the first time students from Linkou Kang Chiao participated in the conference, which is also the first time for the MUN training students from the secondary program to attend their first official conference. After a long period of training and preparation, six students representing different countries discussed international issues such as humanitarian crisis, environmental change, food security, and digital disparity. Students from Linkou Kang Chiao participated in every section of the conference using fully English, doing research, delivering the speech and writing the conference document. Not only did they write draft resolutions, but also demonstrated their leadership skills through the process, which made a great contribution to the conference.

(THIMUN Singapore)2020/11/16-20

參與下次模聯! The THIMUN Singapore is a five-day event for high school students to emulate the United Nations conference process. THIMUN Singapore aims to develop students' ability to analyze civic issues, foster relationships with students from other schools, and train critical thinking and international perspectives. Due to the epidemic, the event was held online, which was also the first virtual event that was held on campus. Although the event was held in a different format, the students were able to adapt and improvise in such situations.

This time, there were six participating students, which were divided into three groups to discuss and debate on different topics of the meeting, to produce draft resolutions, and to vote in accordance with the UN voting procedures. Unlike before, our students had a very special experience in overcoming the challenges of the conference, making overseas friends, and learning what they need to improve on, and last but not least looking forward to participating in the next MUN!

Taiwan-Japan Palau Exchange

In the fall of 2020, International Department Office (ID Office) in Kang Chiao received a call from the Rotary Club that Japan and Palau were interested in learning exchanges with our school. Due to the pandemic, each team from Taiwan, Japan, and Palau acted sufficiently to make this exchange event happening remotely in two months, despite of the challenges of time differences and technical difficulty. The teams continued to communicate to each other and work together to bring about this great event.

The ID office assisted Kang Chiao students with the topics they would like to share at the event, including showing friendship to the neighbored countries, expressing the beauty of Taiwan, and sharing school life. On the day of the Culture Exchange online event, nearly 30 Palauan students and 90 students from Nagoya Japan joined this event.

Kang Chiao students showed the hospitality by singing the national anthem with a refreshing voice, dancing in groups to share Taiwanese special cuisine and scenic spots. The performance of Taiwanese and Japanese bilingual song was very touching. The students were having a lot of fun and passion at this culture exchange event, as if we were looking forward to the day when we could actually meet up in person. The video conferencing technology and epidemic situation allow us to bond and share our cultures to each other in a special way.

2021 Online Cultural Exchange with International French School(IFS), Singapore

Through online cultural exchange, G8 students shared thoughts and ideas with friends at IFS. It is a precious experience for students to expose themselves to different cultures with individuals from various backgrounds, and broaden their horizons.