Three Kingdoms Camping 2019/5/6~7

Overnight Camping Joint by Three Campuses

Grade 8 students of Kang Chiao LinKou campus jointed a two-day camping trip with two other campuses, Hsinchu and Xiugang campuses. The three Kang Chiao campuses can be depicted as the ancient China“The Three Kingdoms”. “The generals”cooperated and competed to siege the city and land. The students learned Scout skill, and showed themselves in the dance competition. The goal was to win the final victory. The military commanders representing the class, the cooperation between military commanders, the application of strategies, and the strength of defending the city of all parties are linked to each other's combat power, creating a unique and passionate “Three Kingdoms”. Through the application of situational learning, experiential learning model and team development theory, students experienced and learned several practical skills such as how to lead and be led, teamwork, conflict management, resource allocation, problem solving and analysis during the activity.

2019 Three Kingdoms Camping

Three Kingdoms Camping is a situational overnight camping activity that aims to cultivate leadership and team spirit of students. They learn how to communicate with each other and solve problems together through a series of games and storylines based on the Three Kingdoms War. This year it is Shu Han kingdom that won the war. Congratulations!

2021 Three Kingdoms Camping

The war has begun! The thrilling Three Kingdoms Camping took place this March with students rolling their sleeves, ready to win the war. This year, we integrated essential life skills and subject knowledge such as air rocket-making into the activity in hopes that campers learn through playing and doing. This year, we have a different winner. Congratulations to the Eastern Wu kingdom!