2019 Hiking at HeHuan Mountain

The Grade 7 students climbed the Hehuan Peak and climbed 5 Baiyues including Shimen Mountain, Hehuan North Peak, West Peak and East Peak, and Main Peak in 4 days and 3 nights. Before climbing, the students completed six pre-departure trainings. From the first training to the final successful summit, you can see the child's growth and change through every process. On the second day, we challenged 13 kilometers climbing up to northwest peak in one day. This is the most amazing yet the most difficult experience for the students in this entire trip, but they persisted to the end, which allowed them to see the the infinite beauty on top of the mountain.

2020 Hiking at HeHuan Mountain

"Climbing is not for the sake of climbing." This is the difference between Kang Chiao elite activities and general mountaineering. In the activities, elements such as team system, adventure education activities, mountaineering knowledge, cooperative learning, service learning, and the concept of LNT(Leave No Trace) are included. Mountaineering activities become an important learning course. In addition to experiencing the magnificent beauty of mountains and forests in Taiwan. Students can also learn essential skills such as teamwork, leadership, interpersonal relations, and problem solving. Kang Chiao hopes to cultivate students' ability to face challenges with courage through mountaineering activities and can adapt to new things and confront the obstacles in the future of a rapidly changing world.