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Campus Activities

In addition to the rich and diverse extra-curriculum, Kang Chiao is also committed to cultivating students’ determination, endurance and mindset for challenges. We hope that children will learn to solve problems, help each other and cooperate throughout the courses. It also helps students to develop their leadership skills, and in return, retaining their memories in primary and secondary schools.

Featured Activities and Curriculum for Secondary School Level

Hiking at HeHuan Mountain

Through hiking to the peak of HeHuan Mountain, Grade 7 students were not only enhancing their physical ability, endurance and determination, but also cultivating team work spirit. At the same time, students were better at understanding co-existence relationship between humans and the natural environment. Finally, it allows students to expend their horizons and learn to be humble and proactive.

Cycling Around Taiwan

We arranged high school students to participate in 12-day cycling activities. In the process of training and activities, the students not only underwent a lot of physical training, but also cultivated their spirit of perseverance and team work. This was considered as a great gift for their 16-year-old coming-of-age ceremony. In addition, a special topic discussion was conducted in combination with Taiwan's humanities and natural environment, allowing students to learn more about Taiwan and respect and love this land and culture.

Overnight Camping Joint

Through different challenging courses, students learn to communicate and cultivate their own ability to solve problems together. The purpose is to develop a whole-child education, including personal thinking, team cooperation and leadership training. This is to encourage students to engage in challenging activities, learn to undergo pressure, set their own goals, and finally to step out of their comfort zone.

Swimming Training at Sun Moon Lake

Through the swimming skills learning of "Long-distance Swimming", "Self-Rescue" and "Open Water", in conjunction with the ninth grade swimming activities and training in Sun Moon Lake, students trained to be cautious with water safety and the ability to determine a dangerous circumstance, and at the same time cultivated their self-rescue and rescue ability.

Science Fair

Each year, the Middle School hold Science Fair to enhance students' interest in the field of natural science. Science Fair also provides students with opportunities to conduct independent research with scientific thinking and helps develop students' ability to demonstrate creativity, analysis, organization, and presentation in the field of science. At the same time, it allows the whole school to see the learning outcomes of Kang Chiao students.

Elementary School Elite Activities and Featured Curriculum

Water Sports

Kang Qiao Water Sports" is the most exciting event for every child in Kang Qiao. Joining the event allows children to not only know and enjoy their learning results, but also to challenge themselves and push themselves to go beyond.


"Climbing a mountain and getting a certificate" is an annual event for Kang Chiao sixth graders before the graduation, and it has been held more than 10 years since the dream of Yushan was accomplished in 2008. The Linkou campus, which was established in 2018, joined the elite activities of Snow Mountain for the first time.

Time Kang Chiao Time

"Time" emphasizes giving children the time, and "Kang Chiao" represents the featured curriculum of Kang Chiao International School. Kang Chiao Time starts with the lower graders who can learn lots of life skills and critical thinking. For middle and upper graders, they obtain a complete self-learning course, where the students are able to customize their own topics and plans,conduct independent research of independent thinking, and finally hold an achievement presentation at the end of the semester. Kang Chiao Time course teaches students not only how to find their own interests, but also to cultivate their expertise, to develop their personality and to explore their life.

English Open Day

In traditional English course,it emphasizes more on teacher-directed teaching and test-based learning result; in the other words, students are less proactive on their own learning. On the other hands, Kang Chiao English courses focus more on student-centered learning by completing their own “projects”. Students take control of their own knowledge research and exploration. Under the guidance of teachers, they are assigned into groups with different tasks. Through group discussion, research, organization, and project presentation, every student not only involves in his/her own learning, but also cooperates with others to complete the project and presentation.

Featured Programs


KCIS has a long history of collaborating with charity groups on fundraising. We hope that through charitable work, students could learn the true meaning of generosity, knowing that their actions could make positive changes in the world, and especially to those in need. The theme of the fundraising this year is LOVE & MERICLE. We worked with Taipei Orphan Welfare Foundation and Genesis Social Welfare Foundation, and achieved fruitful results.