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The Spirits of Kang Chiao

The Spirits of Kang Chiao

The book The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century written by Thomas L. Friedman, a trendsetter, has attracted a great deal of attention around the globe. As the world is moving towards a borderless realm, it is only natural that education cannot be isolated from the trend of the times. In addition to cultivating students' understanding and confidence in our culture, we should also be concerned with international affairs and cultures and develop a sense of “global citizenship.” Therefore, the development of international education through curriculum planning and activities has become an inescapable mission for Taiwan. We hope that we will be able to nurture elites with international competitiveness and promise them a beautiful future. Blending Chinese and Western education methods provides students a truly international education environment to let them understand and embrace different cultures.

Nurturing International Leaders; Preparing Students for a Beautiful Future!
– Kang Chiao brings me the world –


Based on bilingual education, we will develop a relevant curriculum to cultivate students with an international perspective.



Starting with educational experiments, we keep our finger on the pulse of the trends, combine courses with technology, and develop interdisciplinary studies to nurture students to think, to be creative, and to take the initiative when they see a problem.



With diversity as the core, we provide a wide variety of programs and learning resources to encourage student’s courage, exploration, and the pursuit of excellence to nurture professionals in various fields.



We aim to respect students' differences, provide appropriate educational contents, stimulate learning potential, and nurture positive and confident life-long learners.