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Every person takes days and nights to write down their life pages lifelong--what else can we write in? The most meaningful and worthwhile thing in my life is to establish a top school where children can achieve their goals, and where parents can be satisfied. Kang Chiao Linkou campus was founded with the faith in education that "every child has his or her own achievement". I appreciate that every member in the school team keeps this faith deep in mind and makes it real with our shared meaningful and valuable life.


Maybe because the one thing I cared about the most, days and nights, before the school was built was how to help students achieve their goals in their life stories--I was so touched every time I saw the magnificent school building and I heard our students have achieved excellent goals. Our teachers, every course plan and lesson, and the lively school environment are the best embodiment of Linkou Kang Chiao spirit. Teachers who are self-improved with love and exemplar make a clear and fresh impression when we open the page of Linkou Kang Chiao. We know that we have a profound impact on our children throughout their lives, so we always reflect on our profession and strive to make ourselves respectable teachers. Love and exemplar that teachers give to students are just like an anchor to the boat, so are the foundation to a building, which lay the groundwork for a school and enrich the profound meaning of education.


Classes that value thinking allow children to learn meaningfully. A human being in the process of learning a certain ability must have learned to discover the connection of various conditions in the environment, and use this connection to solve the problems. This is an innate mental need of a person. If schools do not meet the needs of children's critical thinking, the knowledge and skills acquired by children will encounter some difficulties practicing in daily life. For children, learning without thinking will be meaningless. The curriculum in Kang Chiao Linkou campus strives to guide children in thinking, discovering, and solving problems in the process of acquiring knowledge and skills to make the learning journey meaningful.


A systematically linked curriculum is the most important nutrient for a child's growth. Kang Chiao Linkou campus has developed systematic Chinese, English and elite activity courses through careful consideration and rigorous construction process. These connections between courses are closely linked for becoming an integrated experience in the growth of children.


A high-quality school environment provides a place for children to show their potential. Linkou campus has built English village, English group classrooms, swimming pools, gymnasiums, performance hall, golf driving ranges, rock climbing and high-altitude exploration education fields to meet children's needs for Chinese and English learning, talent learning, physical learning, digital learning at different stages. These high-quality learning environment facilities and equipment follow the function of learning, and were built with strict demands. With the innovation of courses and teaching, facilities and equipment are updated simultaneously, so that children's potential can be displayed in the best field.


Kang Chiao Linkou Campus builds a solid learning foundation for children from kindergarten, primary school, to middle school. During the most important fifteen years of a child's life, we will accompany our children to grow up with professional teachers, critically thinking classes, systematic courses and a high-quality environment.


We firmly believe that to achieve every child's success is to achieve our future.